Stories of Disenchantment

Stories of Disenchantment

Historias del desencanto

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2h 00m 2005 HD

Watch stories of disenchantment BFlix. In a world devoured by an invisible force known as disenchantment, the stories of three characters intertwine: Diego, who tries to make a movie about the dreams of Ximena, an adolescent experiencing her sexual awakening, who is secretly in love with him and who, in order to help him in his bizarre project, leads him to Ainda, a conceptual artist with bat wings, with whom the naïve filmmaker falls madly in love. Ainda is attracted by the purity of the young people and seduces them both, which leads to a magical moment in the lives of all three. But soon the young people discover that their beloved harpy’s heart belongs to a being from beyond the grave. Then the idyllic relationship of the three characters begins to crumble and they do everything in their power to prevent it, as the dark force of disenchantment closes over the city.

Stories of Disenchantment (2005)
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